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February 2022
Welcome to another edition of GDRC's Newsletter, MOSAIC! The newsletter highlights GDRC's work for the month related to its 15 research programms. Each month's newsletter is uploaded at the end of the month.
This month's highlight
Highlightihg a theme that GDRC is currently working on
Innovative Communities:
Innovative communities are able to bring in new methods, ideas, etc. to improve their environment, and initiate changes through human intelligence and knowledge, especially of imaginative thought or artistic ability. This feature explore the competitive advantages of community interactions and benefits for the region in which they are located.

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GDRC Imprint
Publications and reprots produced this month
BooksGDRC aims to help users define their professional boundaries within a larger developmental process. This is done by facilitating the customization, contextualization, and localization of available information.
A Quick Introduction to Circular Economies
   Concept Note Series E-131. February 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Business

Gender and E-Waste: Policy Considerations for Developing Countries
   Policy Analysis Series E-124. February 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Gender and Development

Alphabetical listing of GDRC's work themes
This month's random alphabet, is M. Among the programme themes and projects handled by GDRC under "M" include:

■  Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Cities: Implications for Global Environmental Processes
MEAs are global mechanisms that countries agree on to solve environmental problems such as climate change (the "Paris Agreement") or biodiversity (the "Nagoya Protocol"). Such agreements have significant implications on how we develop and manage our cities - where a majority of the world's populaation lives and where most economic production and consumption happens.

Other themes under "M":
■  MEAs Repository
■  Microfinance Governance
■  Microfinance and Disasters

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International Days this month
This month's international days and observances
In February, the world community celebrates:
• 2 World Wetlands Day
• 21 International Mother Language Day
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