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April 2022
Welcome to another edition of GDRC's Newsletter, MOSAIC! The newsletter highlights GDRC's work for the month related to its 15 research programms. Each month's newsletter is uploaded at the end of the month.
This month's highlight
Highlightihg a theme that GDRC is currently working on
Sustainable Tourism:
ustainable tourism in its purest sense, is an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems. It is responsible tourism that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

To highlight this theme, GDRC set up the Sustainable Tourism Gateway on 27 September 2008 - the World Tourism Day. The objective of the Gateway is to develop awareness and educate on issues related to sustainable tourism; to assist in policy and programme development; and to facilitate monitoring and evaluation.

It is a web tool that provides easy and rapid access to information and networking on sustainable tourism and related topics.

Visit "The Sustaianble Tourism Gateway"
@ GDRC's Urban Environmental Management programme
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Publications and reprots produced this month
BooksGDRC aims to help users define their professional boundaries within a larger developmental process. This is done by facilitating the customization, contextualization, and localization of available information.
Environmental Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Reduction
   Concept Note Series E-139. April 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Urban Environmental Management
Environmentally-Sensitive Industrial Development: Policy Lessons Learnt from Ecotowns in Japan
   Case Study Series E-138. April 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Business
Alphabetical listing of GDRC's work themes
This month's random alphabet, is N. Among the programme themes and projects handled by GDRC under "N" include:

■  NGO Fund Raising Strategies
As the programmes and projects of NGOs expand, the need for money to run their operations becomes all the more critical. Much of this comes from third party funding organizations, either in the country where the NGO operates, or in OECD countries that assist projects in developing countries.

This feature of GDRC's NGO Cafe was created to collate current thinking and resources on the topic. Please note that these are strategies for fund raising in general, and GDRC itself does not disburse funds to NGOs.

Other themes under "N":

Nepal Earthquake 2015 on Flipboard and Facebook

■ NGO Accountability
■ NGO Codes of Conduct
■ NGO Credibility and Legitimacy
■ NGO Databases and Directories
■ NGO Fund Raising Strategies
■ NGOs and Human Rights
■ NGO Management Toolbox
■ NGO Scene in Japan

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International Days this month
This month's international days and observances
In April, the world community celebrates:
• 7 World Health Day
• 18 World Heritage Day
• 23 World Book and Copyright Day
• 24 International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
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