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March 2022
Welcome to another edition of GDRC's Newsletter, MOSAIC! The newsletter highlights GDRC's work for the month related to its 15 research programms. Each month's newsletter is uploaded at the end of the month.
This month's highlight
Highlightihg a theme that GDRC is currently working on
Environment and Disasters:
The impacts of disasters, whether natural or man-made, not only have human dimensions, but environmental ones as well. Environmental conditions may exacerbate the impact of a disaster, and vice versa, disasters have an impact on the environment. Deforestation, forest management practices, agriculture systems etc. can exacerbate the negative environmental impacts of a storm or typhoon, leading to landslides, flooding, forest fires, silting or ground/surface water contamination.

This theme explores the cyclical and intrinsic linkages between good (or bad) environmental management on one hand, and disaster prevention and mitigation on the other.

Visit "Environment and Disasters"
@ GDRC's Urban Environmental Management programme
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Publications and reprots produced this month
BooksGDRC aims to help users define their professional boundaries within a larger developmental process. This is done by facilitating the customization, contextualization, and localization of available information.

Recent publications from the GDRC

Technologies for the SDGs: Focus on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)
   Policy Analysis Series E-132. March 2022.
   GDRC progrannes: Technology Management

Environmental Education and Universities in Japan: ISO14001 and EMS as a Catalyzing Force
   Policy Analysis Series E-134. March 2022
   GDRC progrannes: Sustainable Development

Alphabetical listing of GDRC's work themes
This month's random alphabet, is C. Among the programme themes and projects handled by GDRC under "C" include:

■  Circular Economy
A circular economy (CE) is based on the principles of ensuring that production and consumption systems contribute to sustainable development, including minimizing waste and pollution, reusing and recycling products and materials, regenerating natural systems, and other issues related to a sustainable lifestyle.

The theme pages are presented as an online magazine (via Flipboard)

Other themes under "C":
■ Capacity Building (Urban)
■  Circular Economy [Flipboard Magazine]
■  City Networks
■  Collaborative Learning

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International Days this month
This month's international days and observances
In March, the world community celebrates:
8 International Women's Day
• 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
• 21 World Poetry Day
21 International Day of Forests
22 World Water Day
23 World Meteorological Day
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