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The Global Development Research Center (GDRC) has initiated a number of blogs in order to keep itself updated on the various trends and developments, as well as highlight its approach on the blog topic. Besides blogs, GDRC also has a number of channels on different social media. All these can be accessed from this landing page.

Sustainability Dashbard During the end of September 2015, world leaders assembled at the United Nations headquarters in New York to endorse and adopt the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global agenda replacing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were implemented from 2005 to 2015.

The SDGs are more comprehensive than the MDGs, and cover 17 goals with more than 180 targets to be met. This Sustainability Dashboard focusses on the SDGs and keeps track of their implementation worldwide.

Serendipitous Tags
Serendipitous Tags In this complex world of ours, problems that we face may not be the ‘real’ problem – there will always be problems behind problems, and so solutions that we propose should beget more solutions. It is this interconnectedness that lies at the core of everything that GDRC does.

The multi-disciplinarity of GDRC’s 15 programmes help in discovering the connections and associations among different issues not apparent at first. This is the thinking that went into the creation of this blog – Serendipitous Tags – in making unexpected links when tagging different pieces of knowledge.

Learning about Learning
Learning about Learning This blog is an initiative of the Global Development Research Center’s Learning Lab.

What is the GDRC Learning Lab? The lab is a place where different aspects of the learning process are analyzed and studied. It looks at the entire life-cycle of information management, from collection and analysis, to presentation and use of information. For GDRC, the Learning Lab represents a critical skill that we all have to posses to be able to use the right form of technology to present information in the right format, in order to manage knowledge properly.With this spirit, the blog focuses on pedagogy and creating an environment for learning. Enjoy!

Sustainable Tourism Colloqui
Sustainable Tourism Colloqui The Colloqui was set up as an informal grouping of like-minded individuals and organizations working on the triple challenge of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – and its implications for the tourism sector.

The Colloqui is an initiative of the Global Development Research Center’s Sustainable Tourism Gateway [].

Food Security
Food Security This is an output of the Global Development Research Center (GDRC) Sustainable Development research Programme.

GDRC adopted this theme for analysis in order to highlight the importance of accessibility, adequacy, affordability and equity of food resources for our daily life. The blog aims to work towards greater awareness, informed choices and policy development on food security issues.

GDRC also produces the following magazines via Flipboard:

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