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The Global Development Research Center is a policy think-tank that carries out initiatives in education, research and practices, in the spheres of environment, urban, community and information, and at scales that are effective.

Current list of
GDRC Virtual Fellows

GDRC Virtual Fellows logoVirtual Fellows are professionals and individual researchers who are working on or carrying out research on themes close to those of GDRC's Programmes. Fellows will be in the network of GDRC and will be able to make original contributions to GDRC's programmes and themes. They will continue to work or study in their current positions, but will interact online with GDRC as a part of the Fellowship (hence 'Virtual' Fellows)

By becoming a fellow of GDRC, an individual researcher has an opportunity to demonstrate his or her knowledge capacities and capabilities on a high profile, high visibility website. It also enables them to interact and receive feedback from a global network of other GDRC Virtual Fellows on their work.

How does one go about becoming a GDRC Virtual Fellow?
15 Programmes of GDRC
The 15 programmes of GDRC
Understand the unique organizational nature of GDRC by reading the Introduction.
Email your fields of interest to the GDRC Coordinator (use the form below). What inspires you? What would you like to work on? What would you like to learn more about that would enhance your current work or study? What specific geographical region would you like to work on?
Explore and identify those GDRC programmes that closely fit your interests. Currently there are 15 programmatic themes to choose from - but within those 15 themes, there are also a number of other sub-themes
Now work out how you would like to contribute: send in a paper, write a short one-page note, suggest links and websites or other ways that would enhance the programme's content. You could also suggest new topic sub-categories (within the existing 15 themes), but will be responsible to fill it up in its entirety! Please see the GDRC Submissions policy
Maintain an ongoing dialogue with GDRC's coordinator in exchanging opinions, comments and suggestions on a topical issue.
After a minimum period of six months of interaction, and after having made concrete inputs to GDRC's programmes, a GDRC Virtual Fellow is eligible to receive a "Certificate of Fellowship".
Please ntoe that GDRC programmes are developed and implemented entirely on a voluntary basis. It does not receive any funding for any of its activities. Hence, as a matter of policy, GDRC unfortunately does not provide any financial support to its Virtual Fellows as well.

Application to be a GDRC Virtual Fellow

Please send the following details via email to GDRC's Coordinator at
• Name:
• Date of birth:
• Gender: Male / Female
• Email: Please double check that it is typed properly!
• City/Country:
• Current Position:
• Current Institution/University:
• Research Interests:
• GDRC Programme you are interested in:Select one or more from the 15 programmes of GDRC
• Preferred starting date: Note: Virtual Fellowships are usually for a period of six months from the starting date, but can be shorter or extended longer, by mutual consent

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