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Within the broader objective of the need for incorporating market dynamics and financial resources in development activities, GDRC specifically deals with the themes of the informal sector (as a need to highlight consumption and production efficiency within poverty alleviation concerns), of technology management (as a need to understanding the management of technology knowledge and matching needs and offers), and of sustainable businesses (as a need to use sustainability as a profit-driven factor for businesses, particularly SMEs).
Themes under the Economy Sphere

Informal Sector
So what kinds of policies best foster the informal sector to mainstream, without loosing its inherent advantages? What is its role in poverty alleviation?
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The informal sector includes all economic activities which are not officially regulated and which operates outside the incentive system offered by the state and its institutions. These pages look at the different dimensions of the sector, and policies and programmes that help in mainstreaming it. informal sector, poor, low-income groups, SMEs, poverty, informal credit, informal finance, labour market, urban areas and cities
Currently, GDRC is focussing on the role of informal sector activities within an urban economy context. It is also researching the strategic policy environments in which the informal sector can function efficiently.

Technology Management
So what do we do with technologies? Where does it fit in the sustainability framework at the local level?
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Technology Management requires knowledge, management skills and technical and maintenance capabilities, besides the technology iteself. Integrating human skills, organisational development and information networks in the trasnfer process is essential - GDRC's programme looks at the multi-dimentional aspects of technology transfer. technology management, technology transfer, technology assessment, appropriate technology, technology database, environmentally sound technologies, environmental technology
Currently, GDRC is focussing on capacities for the public and private sectors, to assess technologies within a sustainable development framework.

It has also covered a number themes including: Appropriate Technology ,   Technology Databases ,  

Sustainable Business
So what is the justification for business to be more sustainable? How can a case be made for sustainability?
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Being the third leg supporting civil society at the local level (along with local governments and communities), business and industry is the focus of this webtheme - particularly on how it can contribute to long-term sustainability sustainability, corporate sustainability reporting, SMEs, eco-efficiency, leadership, green business, eco-products, recycling, eco-labels, EMAS, EMS, ISO 14001, pollution, waste management, technology
Currently, GDRC is focussing on support services and programmes that local governments can implement to enable companies to be more sustainable (for example, by creating 'eco-towns').

It has also covered a number themes including: Green Business Practices in Japan,   SMEs and the Environment,   Sustainable Business Concepts - Going Green,