The GRDC Research Programme on the Informal Sector
So what kinds of policies best foster the informal sector to mainstream, without loosing its inherent advantages? What is its role in poverty alleviation?
Tyre recycling in Yangoon, Myanmar The informal sector is an oxymoron - on one hand it is an unorganized 'nuisance' sector whose members, for example, do not pay any form of tax; on the other, it provides jobs and increases incomes of the most vulnerable groups in a city - the very low-income group. What should the policies be? Who should be doing what? What is the link to the formal sector? There are no easy answers!

So where does the informal sector end and the formal sector start? Whats in a name? Whats the difference? What should the response of the governments be? Different sectors, common goals Where do we go from here? The informal sector and Small and Medium Enterprises

Exploring the Informal Sector: Five Key Inquiries and Insights
Concept Note Series C-046.

Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Research Note Series E-117.

Four Corners of Policies for the Informal Sector: A Framework for Sustainable Development and Integration
Concept Note Series Series E-115.

"Formalizing" the Informal Sector: Lessons from Penang, Bandung and Bangkok
Case Study Series Series E-108.


What is GDRC doing now?
 Currently, GDRC is focussing on the role of informal sector activities within an urban economy context. It is also researching the strategic policy environments in which the informal sector can function efficiently.

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   ■ Virtual Library on Microcredit - Financing Microenterprises
   ■ UEM - Slums and Squatters
   ■ The NGO Cafe

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In developing countries, 40-80% of all economic outputs are carried out in the informal sector:

🌍 Africa = 60-80%
🌎 L.America = 50-60%
🌏 Asia = 40-60%

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