The GRDC Research Programme on Gender and Development
So what is the criticality of incorporating gender issues in a policy, programme or project? Where do we start?

The criticality of incorporating gender perspectives in local management and community development programmes lie in the fact that decision-making processes always start at home and at the individual level. Power structures not-with-standing, most of the decisions at the household level are taken by women, and directly affect the household to which she belongs    ... more

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Gender and Development Programme
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Gender Analysis Framework
Gender, and ICTs
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Highlights of GDRC Research
The GDRC Framework on Gender and Development
Management Tools E-056.

Gender Inclusive Policy Making
Policy Analysis Series E-196.

Gender and E-Waste: Policy Considerations for Developing Countries
Policy Analysis Series E-124.

Towards a Gender Analysis Framework for the adoption and use of Environmentally Sound Technologies
Management Tools Series E-058.


What is GDRC doing now?
  Currently, GDRC is focussing on gender criteria that need to be taken into account in developing environmental management programmes and plans at the local level. It is also updating and enhancing the "GDRC Framework on Gender and Development"

Have a look at the planned publications under this programme

   ■ Microfinance: Improving Credit Access for Women
   ■ Urban Environmental Management: Gender and Water
   ■ Urban Environmental Management: Gender and Waste
   ■ Urban Governance: Gender and Urban Governance

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