The GRDC Research Programme on Environmental Decision-Making
So what decisions are needed to preserve the environment?
How can support systems be set up to facilitate such decisions?
cross the world, environmental decisions are constantly being taken. Their settings vary, as do the people and groups involved. Environmental decisions occur within neighbourhoods, small businesses, corporate boardrooms, and in the offices of local, state and national governments. They involve different people with different backgrounds.

The objective of this programme is to understand the various processes, actors and preconditions of decision-making processes for environmental management.

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- Introduction: Environmental Decision-Making
Concept Note Series E-001
- Information for Decision-making
Policy Analysis Series E-002.
- The Decision-Making Pyramid
Policy Analysis Series E-003.
- Skills for Environmental Decision Making
Policy Analysis Series E-004.
- To do or not to do: Facilitating Decision-Making for Sustainable Building and Construction
Management Tools Series E-005.
- GDRC and Environmental Decision-Making
Continuing Research Series E-006.

  Currently, GDRC is focussing on issues related to enabling processes that will facilitate multilateral environmental agreements to be taken into account in local environmental decision-making.
- Urban Governance: Mediation, Risk and Conflict
- Urban Environmental Management: 1. MEAs and the Urban Arena and 2. The Trialone on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification
- NGO Cafe: The MEA Repository
- Sustianable Development: Sustainability Concepts

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he starting points for environmental decision-making are the Sustainable Development Goals.

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