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The delivery of timely and packaged information at the right level to the right users has considerable externalities for a variety of purposes - in facilitating informed decision-making and in reducing unequal access to resources.

Internet and information and communications technologies (ICTs) have become bywords in the information age, highlighting a critical need for better and more holistic knowledge management, along with the concept of information 'design' that deals with the collation, packaging and dissemination of information.

The three programmes under the Information Sphere are interlinked within the GDRC Learning Lab. Go to the GDRC Learning Lab.

Themes under the Information Sphere

ICTs for Development
So what is it that the Internet and ICTs can enable in achieving larger sustainable development goals? How can access to such technologies be increased?
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GDRC's ICTs for Development programme focusses on the technologies that enable broader communication and knowledge transfer. The uptake of internet and ICTs also involve skills and capacity in information management, particularly in developing countries Internet, ICTs, developing countries
Currently, GDRC is focussing on the links between ICTs and poverty reduction - including telecenters, mobile phones etc.

It has also covered a number themes including: ICTs and Local Governments, and smart cities

Knowledge Management
So what does management of knowledge entail? Why is it important? Where do we start?
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The GDRC Programme on Knowledge Management looks at the systematic leveraging of information and expertise to improve innovation, responsiveness, productivity and competency. knowledge management, information access, user analysis, learning systems, collaborative learning, mass media, information society
Currently, GDRC is focussing on packaging lessons learnt in knowledge management when carrying out GDRC's programmes and initiatives. This is particularly the case when presenting information on GDRC's website, or in preparing publications/resource kits.

Information Design

More information on the WWW Virtual Libraries This GDRC programme is a designated 'WWW Virtual Library' on Information Design
So how should information be presented in order to assist decision-making? How can it meet the needs of the user?
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The GDRC Programme on Information Design and Management covers the practice of collating, packaging and displaying information in such a way as to communicate and meet the needs of the user, and for the intended purposes. Information design, information management, presentation, instructional design, communication, Internet, leadership, development, networking, knowledge, learning, mind maps
Currently, GDRC is focussing on skills needed for effective design of information products. It is looking at information design as a bridge between knowledge creation and data/information delivery.

It has also covered a number themes including: Info Design: Lessons Learnt at the GDRC!,   Instructional Design